Mission Statement:

Translated from Welch as Heaven's Grove, or Elysian Garden, aims to provide the local community with the wisdom about un-needed and unwanted chemicals in cosmetic products, and provide soap and products which do not contain any ethanols or harsh chemicals.

Llewellyn Afallon was started in late 2021. Its founder was stricken with illness back in 2017 which forced them to take a step back and reverse-engineer their daily routines and habits and search out alternative and holistic healing modalities. Studying oils and lotions to help heal their body, they noticed that a lot of the products in the local markets contained ethanols, and chemicals that were not needed in the products, but actually contributed to illness. Alcohol and ethanols in soaps and cosmetic products are counter-productive, and strip the body of its oils, causing the body to slowly calcify and harden causing pain. The body thrives on lubrication, and oils that help the muscles and joints move with fluidity, making exercise and slumber comfortable again. The journey of recovery and self-care is curatively beautiful.

Be Simple. Stay Beautiful.

All products produced at Llewellyn Afallon are made with:

LOVE & handcrafted from Natural, Organic, Plants, Herbs, and Oils.

Llewellyn Afallon DOES NOT use (nor will ever use)

any Synthetic Chemicals*, Additives, or Animal Byproducts.


*Lye (a wood ash extraction) is necessary for the saponification process of turning oil into soap.

No lye remains in the finished product.


Be Simple

Stay Beautiful